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Information and Instructions
Hardware Specifications



120 Ri-2


Form Factor 2U Rack


Number of CPUs : 2

CPUs Intel® XeonTM 1.6GHz to 3.0GHz (5100/5300 Series) Cache L2 Shared 4MB or 2 x 4MB

Socket FC-LGA6 packaging

Architecture and Board

Chipset Intel 5000P + ESB2E + ServerEngines Pilot

Front Side Bus 1066/1333 MHz (FSB)


Type : FB DIMMs ECC DDR2- 533/667 2-Way Interleaved

Maximum : 48GB Fully Buffered DIMM

Slots : 12 FBDIMM slots

Storage Controllers See RAID Table

Embedded LSI Sas1068


Promise EX8350 SATA  PCI-Ex x4

MegaRAID SAS external 8480E PCI-Ex x8 

MegaRAID SAS internal 8408E PCI-Ex x8 

MegaRAID SAS ZCR 8300XLP PCI-X 64/133

Media Bays

3.5" media bays : 1/1 (total / free)

3.5" SAS HDD Hot Swap : 6x1"

Slim Bay for Optical Device Drive


Total Slots :

2x PCI-Express (x8)

2x PCI-Express (x4) Low- Profile

2x PCI-X/66MHz (3.3V)

Full Height Riser 2x PCI-X 64bit/133MHz +

Options : 1x PCI-X 100 + 3x PCI 64bit/66Mhz 5V


Video Controller Embedded PCI SVGA Video (Matrox G200e with Embedded 2MB VRAM)

Video Memory / Type Optional 16MB VRAM on PCI card


82563 Ethernet controller Dual port 1000/100/10Mb


2 level passwords : Yes

Front Door : Yes

Intrusion Detection : Yes

I/O Ports

USB Ports : 6x USB2 (2x Front + 4x Rear)

PS/2 Ports : 1x

Serial Port : 2x Serial (DB9) port

Video Port  : 1x SVGA video port

Ethernet Ports : 2x RJ45 Ethernet port

Management Port : 1x RJ45


Fixed System Fans (x4)

Redundant x4 Fans in Option

Power Supply

Hotswap PSU 750W PFC

Redundant HotSwap in Option

Physical Specifications

Environnemental : 10 to 35°C, 20 to 80% RH

Weight : 21 - 30 kg

Dimensions : WxDxH 427 x 722 x 88 mm

OS and Software

Administration Soft : ESMPRO Suite

Set-up and Configuration : ExpressBuilder

Certified OS :

Windows 2003 Server

RedHat Linux 4.0


StandardWarranty : 3 years on-site

Warranty Extensions :

4 Hour Response

6 Hour Repair Time Commitment

Regulatory & Safety

Regulatory CE compliant

Compliance FCC compliant

UL compliant


Expressscope v1

ESMPro Suite, Dianascope