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Nec Storage Volume List
Nec Storage Volume List
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Information and Instructions
For an application server that uses logical disks by connecting to NEC Storage, iSMvollist reports how disk names (such as special names and drives names) that are recognized by the application server'sOs and logical disk names given by NEC Storage Manager are associated. iSMvollist is provided as an application that works independently for OSes (Windows and Linux). It can be used even if NEC storage Manager is not running.

It is recommended to use iSMvollist to check that your target logical disk is recognized by the application server correctly after logical disks are allocated to the application server by using AccessControl or other software programs. Note that iSMvollist is automatically installed on a server where ControlCommand is installed. This is because ControlCommand uses the disk association information created by iSMvollist.

Volum List will bring you the following :
iSMvollist : Volume List command line interface
Volume List Display : Graphical Interface

Volume List Command (iSMvollist)

Volume List Display :