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 Versa Premium
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If your model has a built-in network card please go to the Versa Premium + LAN page for information and support.

Phase-in details for 7521NT mainboard : December 2001, MO: Za112025, S/N: X241540xxx
Phase-in details for 7521NL mainboard : April 2002

BIOS Reference List - Advanced
Mainboard* Possible BIOS versions Additional Check If Operating System is.. then install BIOS:
7521N 1.xx/2.xx S/N is lower than 'X241540000' Windows 98/ME/2000 1.xx
7521N 1.xx/2.xx S/N is lower than 'X241540000' Windows XP 2.xx
7521NT 3.xx/4.xx S/N is higher than 'X241540000' All Operating Systems 4.xx
7521NL 6.xx Internal network (LAN) controller All Operating Systems 6.xx
Check current BIOS & KBC version: in BIOS Setup Menu screen
* Check mainboard model: Sticker on the memory slot under the keyboard.
How to see your current BIOS version:

1. Power on the PC and press ESCAPE (Esc) key during the logo screen
2. Wait for the Boot Menu to appear
3. Select the < Enter Setup > option with the arrow keys then press Enter
4. At the bottom of the screen you will see the 'System BIOS Version'

P47xxxxxxxx N40xxxxxxx