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ESMPro Management Suite
ESMPro Management Suite
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Information and Instructions
ESMPRO Solutions: IT park and migration management
The ESMPRO software suite consists of a complete IT suite management solution that facilitates daily IT service operations, and radically reduces total cost of ownership (TCO). ESMPRO ensures the automatic deployment of disk images, OS, applications, patches and BIOS updates on the servers and the network PCs, as well as advanced client administration and efficient software distribution.

Functions and Features
NEC ESMPRO offers many functions and features for managing remote servers across a network. These features help the system administrator perform daily system operation, system extension, and transfer tasks. Some features of NEC ESMPRO include:

- Hardware and Software server configuration
. Hardware resources mounted in servers, such as the CPU, memory, disks, disk array, and LAN boards.
. Software resources, such as operating system information and the drivers running on each server.

- Server Failures
. On-screen real-time displays provide the system administrator with the failure type, location, cause, and a suggested corrective action.
. Failure data includes hardware failure information such as system board temperature, memory failure, crashes, and software failure information.

- Performance .
NEC ESMPRO monitors server performance and displays information such as the CPU load rate, memory usage, disk usage, and LAN traffic. Usage threshold values can help the system administrator monitor and prevent server overloads.

NEC ESMPRO consists of a Manager program that runs on a management computer and of an Agent program that runs on the servers to be managed.

- The Manager collects hardware, software, and firmware information from the Agents connected to the network. The Manager displays the Agent information, failures, and error logs on the screen.

- The Agent monitors server hardware, software and firmware and transmits the information over the network to the Manager using SNMP. The Agent lets you view system settings and reset some NEC ESMPRO thresholds locally. See the NEC ESMPRO Agent User's Guide.

Each managed server must have the Agent installed and running. Using SNMP, the Agent sends data across the network to the Manager, which collects the server information.
In addition, when you install both IIS and the Web Component on the management computer, you can manage servers through the web browser.
The following figure shows a sample Manager/Agent Configuration.

Express5800 ESMPro Management Suite