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NEC xSafe Security Software
NEC xSafe Security Software
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NEC xSafe Security Software Main Features

  • Push the Safe Button and...
  • Enjoy a quick Status View of your Device
  • Enable Data Synchronization with...
  • Encryption
  • Compression
  • File Filters
  • Enable Auto-Lock/Unlock of your Computer
  • Keep the Safe Button pressed for 3 sec and....
  • Synchronize automatically all predefined folders
  • Eject Securely Your NEC Device
  • For MP3 Storage Devices
  • Manage your Music Files Transfers

NEC xSafe Software Application

Installing NEC xSafe
The first time you plug an NEC Micro Safe key on your computer, click the Setup icon to install NEC xSafe application from the Micro Safe key. You can also install NEC xSafe application from the NEC Safe Storage CD.
Starting NEC xSafe
To start NEC xSafe, click Start, All Programs and then NEC xSafe. When NEC xSafe has been started, it will stay resident, even when you close it. The icon is displayed on the systray, besides the time. When NEC xSafe is resident, it will open automatically when you press the Safe button of the NEC Micro Safe key. Click the plus icon to have more information about NEC Micro Safe controls. For more information, please download the User Guide under documentation.

Firmware Update

  • With the firmware update utility, you can either re-flash your Micro Safe key with the same version (in case of problem) or update the firmware with a later version.
  • Installing the Firmware Update Utility
  • Insert the NEC Safe Storage CD in the optical disc drive of your computer. Click the Firmware Update link. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Re-flashing the Firmware with the same version
  • Click Start, All Programs and then NEC Micro Safe. Follow the on-screen instructions
  • Updating the Firmware with a Newer Version
  • Download the latest version of the firmware from http://www.nec-computers.com. Move the downlaoded file to binary folder. Click Start, All Programs and then NEC Micro Safe. Follow the on-screen instructions
  • Supports Windows® Me, Windows® 2000, Windows® XP. Note: for Windows Me/2000/XP users, installation of the Micro Safe drivers is required only if you wish to upgrade the firmware of the player. Note: for Windows 2000 users, Windows Service Pack 3 must be installed before installing Micro Safe drivers. Supports Windows 98 SE after installation of drivers.

Technical Support

NEC Computers International provides technical support for this product. Please consult your product documentation for technical support information.

Contact Information for NEC Computers International branded accessories, peripherals and software can be found here.

Please supply to the manufacturer or publisher details of:
  • The product (manufacturer, model, version number, serial number)
  • The problem (including any specific error messages)
  • Details of your computer and operating system