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Virtual PC Center 1.3
Virtual PC Center 1.3
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Providing you with a secure ubiquitous office

NEC offers a Virtual PC Type thin client system called the Virtual PC Center (VPCC).

NEC's new thin client system solution integrates and centralizes client assets, such as data and applications, entirely on servers in the data center in order to fulfill three requirements:
- Enhancing security in the client environment
- Reducing TCO
- Providing mobility and working efficiency
As a result of centralizing assets, the client is extremely simple, serving as a user interface without resident data or applications.

This product is designed to realize the next step in the future platform environment. In this model, operating systems and applications on multiple PCs used by end users are virtualized and then run concurrently on a single server. From the localized thin client terminals, end users can access their virtual PCs on a server using screen, keyboard and mouse. All of the data and applications are stored on the server, and there is no data on the client terminals

There are 6 major characteristics of NEC's Virtual PC Center.
- Virtual PC Center Presentation
- Optimal Resource Allocation
- TCO Reduction
- Smooth Streaming Video
- Voice over IP Telephony
- Ubiquitous Work Environment
- Ecology

Virtual Pc Center 1.3