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Versa Note+<pibbrandzds>Versa Note+</pibbrandzds>
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Information and Instructions
WARNING:Before you continue please make sure you have the correct information on your screen. This document will only describe the Easy/Versa Note+ where the model/brand label is located at the RIGHT side of the top cover above the keyboard.

WARNING:Please make sure you know the differences between the C2/C2+ and C2+B platforms. The most recognizable differences, which can be used as reference, are listed in this table:

Platforms C2/C2+ C2+B
Packard Bell Easy Note Easy Note+
NEC/Zenith Versa Note Versa Note+
First Shipped November 1998 (C2)
August 1999 (C2+)
August 1999
Software MS Word 97 MS Word 2000
Shortcut Keys None 2 internet shortcut keys (browser + email)
The Windows NT model does NOT have internet buttons
Successor model: C2+B Sep 1999. Word 2000.P20xxxxxxx xN00xxxxxxx xN01xxxxxxx xN02xxxxxxx