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PowerMate ML4 Desktop
PowerMate ML4 Desktop
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Service Parts
Information and Instructions
Main Features
  • Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional
  • CPU Socket 478B
    Supports Intel P4 FC-PGA2 (Flip-Chip Pin Grid Array), 1400 MHz to 2.6 GHz
  • Chipset SIS 650 / 651 depending on the model
  • On-board graphics.
  • Soft audio onboard STAC9756T(Direct sound AC97 2.2 audio).
  • On board Fast Ethernet Controller RTL8100(L) PCI/Mini-PCI,
  • 4 USB ports (two in the back, header for two in front).
  • 2 Serial Port and 1 Parallel Port.
  • Line in/out/Mic.
  • MIDI *am*amp; game port.
  • PS/2 keyboard and mouse.
  • 1 Master PCI.
  • 1 Combo slot (CNR/PCI).
  • 1 AGP 4x slot.
  • 2 Memory slots to support up to 1GB using 266 MHz DDR Interface.
Operative System Certified
The Powermate ML4 is qualified for the following Operative System:
  • WINDOWS 2000 Professional
  • WINDOWS 98 Second Edition CPU Speed 2.6 GHz BIOS Ver.2.0J
  • WINDOWS NT4 CPU Speed 2.6 GHz BIOS Ver.2.0J
Note:The Certification is related to the BIOS Ver. and CPU Speed.
If you bought a machine without Operativ System we strongly suggest you to use one of the Operative System Certified for your product with the latest Service Pack.
Environmental specifications
Ambient Temperature
Operating: 0° to 35° C
Non-Operating: -20° to 65° C
Operating: 8 to 80% relative humidity (non condensing)
Non-operating: 95% relative humidity (max.) at 35° C
Operating: 0.7 G, 5 to 500 MHz - 3 axes.
Suspend/Sleep mode: Less than 30 dBA
Idle mode: Less than 35 dBA
Operating mode: Less than 50 dBA
ND48xxxxxxx-Columbia and Desktop chassis
ND69xxxxxxx-Columbia GX and White Zebox chassis
ND77xxxxxxx-Columbia 5 and White Zebox chassis