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The Apollo Pro133A (VT82C694X) is a Socket-370 system logic north bridge with the addition of 133 MHz capability for both the CPU and SDRAM interfaces. Apollo Pro133A may be used to implement both desktop and notebook personal computer systems from 66MHz to 133MHz based on Socket-370 (Pentium III processor). The primary features of the Apollo Pro133A-North Bridge are: Slot-1 or Socket-370 CPU (Front Side Bus) Interface (66 / 100 / 133MHz), DRAM Memory Interface (66 / 100 / 133MHz), AGP Bus Interface (66MHz), PCI Bus Interface (33MHz), Mobile Power Management.

The VT82C686A PSIPC (PCI Super-I/O Integrated Peripheral
Controller) is a high integration, high performance, power-efficient, and high compatibility device that supports Intel and non-Intel based processor to PCI bus bridge functionality to make a complete Microsoft PC99-compliant PCI/ISA system.

The combination of compute performance, memory capacity, and integrated I/O provides a high performance environment for many server market applications. These range from large corporations supporting remote offices to small companies looking to obtain basic connectivity capability such as file and print services, e -mail, web access, web site server, etc.

This server is also conveniently housed and available as a tower-based system or as a rack-mount system (fits into a standard IAE 19-inch rack assembly).