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PowerMate VL3 Convertible
PowerMate VL3 Convertible
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Information and Instructions
Main features
  • Via ProSavage KM 133 motherboard
  • Flexible Front side bus 66/100/133 MHz (200 MHz using dual clocking)
  • 100/133 MHz SDRAM memory module (No ECC support)
  • Socket 462
  • Supported processors: AMD Duron and AMD Athlon
  • Integrated S3*am*#174; Savage4 TM AGP 4x 3D and S3*am*#174; Savage2000 TM with the optional AGP 4x interface
  • Integrated Super I/O controller, AC97 Audio and support for 4 USB ports
  • UltraDMA 33/66/100 master mode PCI EIDE Controller
  • CNR slot.
Environmental specifications
Ambient Temperature
Operating: 0*am*deg; to 35*am*deg; C
Non-Operating: -20*am*deg; to 65*am*deg; C
Operating: 8 to 80% relative humidity (non condensing)
Non-operating: 95% relative humidity (max.) at 35*am*deg; C
Operating: 0.7 G, 5 to 500 MHz - 3 axes.
Suspend/Sleep mode: Less than 30 dBA
Idle mode: Less than 35 dBA
Operating mode: Less than 50 dBA
ND35xxxxxxx-Convertible chassis