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Versa LXi++
Versa LXi++
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WARNING:Before you continue please make sure you know the differences between the Versa LXi models. The most recognizable differences, which can be used as reference, are listed in the table below:

Platforms N1/N1+ N1++
NEC/Zenith Versa LXi Versa LXi++
Driver/BIOS reference Versa LXi Versa LXi++ or Versa LXi 16MB Video
First Shipped October 1999 July/September 2000
BIOS ID in POST 123Axx00 (xx = version) 147Axx00 (xx = version)
Video Controller S3 Savage/MX (8MB VRAM) S3 Savage/IXE (16MB VRAM)
P3804xxxxx P4504xxxxx xN21xxxxxxx xN22xxxxxxx