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Nec System Area Manager
Nec System Area Manager
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NEC System Area Manager is a simple, open and unified administration solution for all enterprise infrastructures thus optimizing their overall IT budget. This software management tool enables businesses to take greater control over their IT assets, while reducing the total cost of ownership and improving levels of service.

Manage multiple systems
NEC System Area Manager allows administrators to manage and monitor the key components of the IT infrastructure: all brands of servers, storage, workstations, desktops, and notebooks running Windows and Linux.

Affordable and scalable solution
NEC System Area Manager enables Small and Medium Businesses to manage their systems more efficiently and helps to:
- Improve accountability
- Maximize system resource utilization
- Reduce total cost of ownership
- Save time and money

Ease of use and deployment
The software is simple to deploy: taking only a couple of minutes, it can be deployed using standard deployment tools such as Active Directory. Its simple interface enables productivity without any formal training and is accessible from anywhere using a web browser.

Reduces energy costs
NEC System Area Manager reduces energy costs Enabling administrators to create power policies and enforce them without any intervention by end users Provides a power management solution to reduce energy costs by as much as 40%

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Nec System Area Manager