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PowerMate ES Mini Tower - BX Chipset
PowerMate ES Mini Tower - BX Chipset
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Information and Instructions
Operating Systems and Software Preload
These models are loaded with Windows Windows 98 or Windows NT 4.0 Software and Utilities (Recovery CD included)
  • Microsoft Word 97
  • MacAfee VirusScan
  • On line user manual
  • 2 MB Flash Memory AWARD Bios (see latest version on WEB)
  • Administrative and User passwords supported
The following information is recorded as standard in the DMI portion of the NVSRAM. This feature is to help hardware inventory.

Field name Data stored
Manufacturer name Packard Bell NEC
Product name Powermate ES
Serial number of the machine Xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Chassis type  
Motherboard serial number Yyyyyyyyyyyyyy

After a main board replacement, this information is to be tattooed again using the utility OEMDMI.
Environmental specifications
Ambient Temperature
Operating: 0° to 35° C
Non-Operating: -20° to 65° C
Operating: 8 to 80% relative humidity (non condensing)
Non-operating: 95% relative humidity (max.) at 35° C
Operating: 0.7 G, 5 to 500 MHz - 3 axes.
Suspend/Sleep mode: Less than 30 dBA
Idle mode: Less than 35 dBA
Operating mode: Less than 50 dBA