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BIOS for Versa S950
  • File : s950bio3a23.exe
  • Size: 1590966 bytes
  • Release date: 10-10-2006 15:10:58
Install Notes
Install Notes This is a self-extracting zip file. Download the file and doubleclick it to unpack the bios update tool.
This BIOS can only be flashed from your operating system. Once unpacked doubleclick the file WinPhlash.exe

Verify the options are set as in the picture above.
If the line "Specify new BIOS file" is not set to 1MB_3A23.WPH, click the Browse button and browse to this file in the folder where you upacked the files. When the file indicated is correct click on Flash BIOS.
Important: You should have the mains adapter connected when flashing the BIOS.

Added with this version:
  • Fix problem of random characters appearing when typing very quickly
Importance Normal
Version 3A23
Operating System Windows XP